1. The Hawk

From the recording Beatnik Bound

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This is an original, melodic blues/rock n roll tune written by Obie Hughes "Ellington Hawk". The band keeps it simple but the groove is hypnotic with plenty of attitude. Driven by the strong bass line and beatnik drum beat, the song tells the story of a "bad mutha". The kind of man that the ladies can't stay away from but their husbands despise... a sneakin' out the back door slippery fella...This is the first single to be released from the all new, debut, full length album "Beatnik Bound" by Ellington Hawk.


-Charles Glenn on bass (former Motown recording artist and platinum record holder with Little Richards band)

-Joe Perez on drums (traditional rock n roll drumming extraordinaire. World renowned in the roots rock n roll and rockabilly scene. Formerly with Big Sandy and the Flyrite Boys)

- Obie Hughes on vocals and saxophone

Recorded at King C Stuidos
Rancho Cucamonga Ca

Produced by Obie Hughes & Charles Glenn
Engineered by Charles Glenn